Month: January 2019

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MX5 Cup around Charlotte Motor Speedway

MX5 Cup around Charlotte Motor Speedway…

Hi everyone, and welcome back to another iRacing video. This time we have the Charlotte Motor Speedway, another first for me in this racing series. I really got the hand of this track in the end. Some of the corners of taken correctly really shot you onto the back straight, sweeping left onto the main …


Rookie to D Class ?

Annnnnd were back with iRacing racing Mazda MX5`s. This game gets me so anxious its unreal. Its the fear of not wanting to hit other LIVE, REAL racers, all with that goal of getting that 1st place position. Its also a fear of not wanting to be punted off into the nearest ditch! Lets say my BPM rose …

ATS Multiplayer

Building miles in Multiplayer…

Welcome back to some American Truck Simulator, and we are in Multiplayer this time! Watch me driving with my friends Blackfox, Redfox, Gnabbist and more while we drive around the US of A building our miles up for the VTC (Virtual Trucking Company). Dont forget you can watch me live on YouTube via my schedule. …

ETS2 with vtc1

Getting the miles in…

Its the new year and we need to build up those miles for the VTC im working with “Northern Fox”. Watch yet another run out LIVE on YouTube with Euro Truck Simulator, and don`t forget to like and subscribe to the videos . Enjoy.


New Gear – 15% off

We have now launched some much wanted new gear, clothing and accessories. Thank you so much for the requests to get this Mr W branded gear out there. As a thank you we have 15% off all items!* Powered by, they will ensure the highest quality and deliver direct to your door. See the …


Live Hauling – Euro Truck Simulator 2

Here im catching up on the miles with a VTC (Virtual Trucking Company) I belong to. Watch me live driving my Scania with many different Cargos.


Overnight Frost with Snow forecast later on – Euro Truck Simulator 2

This time weve had some overnight frost and snow. Time to see how the Scania deals with the weather with some different cargo.


Delivery time with Special Transport – Euro Truck Simulator 2

More deliveries with Euro Truck Simulator 2 and this time we have the added special of some heavy Cargo at the end. Watch the video through to the end.


Now with 16GB RAM, booooooost – Euro Truck Simulator 2

We have some RAM! 16GB of RAM. Up from the 8GB, we try and found out how much better 16GB actually is. Yes good, very good.

Front Scania Shot

Live stream target – 2000+ miles – Euro Truck Simulator 2

Another high intensity drive with Euro Truck Simulator. I usually stay below 1000 miles so lets see how i get on trying to get the magic 2000 miles. Live.