Rookie to D Class ?

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Rookie to D Class ?

Annnnnd were back with iRacing racing Mazda MX5`s. This game gets me so anxious its unreal. Its the fear of not wanting to hit other LIVE, REAL racers, all with that goal of getting that 1st place position. Its also a fear of not wanting to be punted off into the nearest ditch! Lets say my BPM rose to 172 at one point!

Still, roll on a few weeks and chat via the iRacing forums (there’s some awesome people on there by the way) its given me the confidence to practice more and player harder. I’ve also changed the FOV (Field of View) in future iRacing videos as this may have been impacting my lap times. You will have to see future videos of this to see the difference.

In this video we practice more and where the lap times drop, I still need to try and stay on the track. (((insert crazy face))) but will i get rid of my Rookie status….watch and find out.


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