BSR MX5 Monday Cup – Imola

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Racing in Imola BSR

BSR MX5 Monday Cup – Imola

Hi everyone, and welcome back to another iRacing video.

Today we have the BSR MX5 Monday Cup at the race track Imola. After last weeks race at Suzuka it was time to up my game and try and keep up with the faster of the pack. Well, that was my intention anyway….

So we have three races, starting off with practices before each race. First race I think my initial pace cooked the tyres, and I ran out of fuel just as I crossed the finish line! I then qualified 8th for race 2 but ended up taking some very wide corners meaning I lost some further places. What is easy to forget is how tightly matched these cars are! I managed to pull back to 10th to then come off the track after the same corner, too much throttle, BOOM no more front end. Quick fix in the pits to do 2 more laps to finish the race 12th. Race 3 I qualified 10th, a few position changes later I ended up 10th again. I keep seeing the pattern of always ending up here I qualified (insert ponder face).

Thank you to everyone involved at Apex Racing TVBSR and a special thanks to Steve Cooley for your continued support.

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See you soon, Simon. 


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