BSR MX5 Monday Cup – Suzuka

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Suzuka MX5 Racing BSR

BSR MX5 Monday Cup – Suzuka

Hi everyone, and welcome back to another iRacing video.

This time we have the BSR MX5 Monday Cup, another first for me in this iRacing series. Now, I have driven Suzuka many a time on other racing titles, and always single player, but this time its racing with those whom are way way quicker. Ive also noticed that this is way more focused than anything ive played before.

So we have three races, starting of with practice before each race. Im quite surprised that I kept finishing the races the same place to where I qualified, which is good in a way, but of course I need to push harder to be nearer the front. No one wants to be close to the rear but being as this is the first time in this type of series im holding back and trying not to hit anyone!

Ive also noticed his is having a knock on effect with my illness “Fibromyalgia” where its hurting my arms and wrists, but im going to work on that with some extra training.

Thank you to everyone involved at Apex Racing TV, BSR and a special thanks to Steve Cooley for your continued support.

Dont forget to like the video, and subscribe if you dont already do so, and i will see you on the next race at Imola.

See you soon, Simon. 


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