BSR MX5 Monday Cup – Bathurst

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BSR MX5 Monday Cup – Bathurst

Well, that’s it. End of the Winter season of the BSR MX5 racing. Bathurst was a killer, I mean really! I dare guess how many laps practice I’ve put in over the last week. The 3 races didn’t go to plan, but it’s the taking part that counts yeah? If you want to watch my live stream from my perspective click HERE. (beware of the language).

Thank you so much to Steve Cooley for getting me involved, and thank you Graeme Cessford for inviting me to join the new racing team. I will never take it for granted, such a great team, super supportive, and I’m really looking forward to the Spring 2019 season where I can get them points to get us to the top 🏆

Thanks everyone who watches and likes the streams I make, you’re all awesome too.

Roll on the Spring 2019 season…